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Parad Amrit Cups

Amrit CupParad Amrit Cups are prepared by Ayurvedic methods as written in ancient scriptures and is 99% pure mercury and rare herbs, makes a person free from diseases, provides increased energy levels for work, gives Vitality to body, makes a person immune to change of seasons and is best recommended for cases of Blood pressure, diabetes , arthritis, piles and Increases sexual power.
Drinking the milk in Parad Amrit Cup purifies human body . It give the good Amrit Cuphealth, prevention of diseases, control asthma, diabetes and increase Sex Power.Amrit cups makes a person free from diseases. It not only increase the energy levels but also improves the vitality.

Methods of Use
Drink unboiled Cow's milk in the cup daily for 90 days for a healthy and disease free body. After 90 days , drink on alternate days and later as required

Do not drink hot liquid in cup.
Use only for Cow's milk .
After drinking , wash the cup with water and wipe with cloth

500 gm
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